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Staking Pools

Stake tokens, earn free tokens!
Looking for a simple way to earn crypto rewards while holding onto your favorite crypto? PandoPools are the place to be! Just by staking your spare tokens in our Staking Pools, you will earn lucrative PAN rewards.
Here to Stake and Earn!
PandoPools offers you multiple staking options. If you’re interested in launching a pool on our DEX, please fill out this partnership form.


We've created detailed tutorials on how to use staking pools, add or remove staked tokens, and harvest staking rewards on Pandora, prepared specially for YOU. We hope it will ease your process of getting involved in DeFi.

How to use staking pools

1. Go to Pandora’s staking pools page. Choose your favored pool.
Here we will stake PSR to earn PAN as an example.
2. Click on the chosen pool, disclosing details of your deposit and rewards. Click “Enable” to gain PandoPools access to your wallet. Confirm the action on your wallet as well.
3. You can start staking now as the “Stake Now” button lights up. Click it to proceed.
4. “Staked PSR” window will appear.
Type the amount of token you wish to stake in the pool. If you want to stake all available tokens, click “Max”.
5. Click “Confirm” once you are ready. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction as well.
6. Staking succeeded! Your deposit and rewards are now updated at the details.
You can unstake, stake more or harvest your rewards at any time.

Adding or removing staked tokens

  1. 1.
    Open Pandora's staking pools page. Click the "Staked Only" switch to reveal your pools, or use the search bar to find them.
2. Click on the pool that you would like to make changes to. A list of actions will be revealed in the details.
On the "PSR Staked" section at your bottom right, click "-" or "Add" to unstake/stake more tokens in the selected pool.
3. "Unstaked/Staked PSR" window will pop up. Type down the amount of token you want to unstake/stake more. If you wish to remove all staked tokens/stake all available tokens in this pool, click “Max”.
4. When you are ready, click "Confirm". Approve the action on your wallet as well.
5. Unstaking succeeded! Find the updated deposit and rewards at the details of the pool.

Harvest rewards from PandoPools

1. Locate yourself to your pool as instructed above. Click it to disclose the details.
2. On the "Token Earned" section at your bottom left, click "Collect".
Your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction.
3. After a short wait, you will receive the rewards. Check your wallet to see the balance!
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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