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How to Add Liquidity

A comprehensive tutorial on how to add liquidity to Pandora.


Not sure how to properly add liquidity on Pandora? We're happy to walk through every step of the way and ease your process of getting involved in DeFi.
We will use PSR and BNB to add liquidity to demonstrate the process. If you wish to add liquidity to PSR/BNB pool, your wallet must consist of both PSR and BNB. The amount of PSR and BNB to be added to the pool have to be equal in value as well.
  1. 1.
    Open Pandora's exchange page. Go to Trade, then click "Liquidity".
The Liquidity interface looks like this.
2. Click “Add Liquidity”.
3. From the selection bar in the first row, click “Select a currency” then choose PSR. In the second row, click “Select a currency” then choose BNB.
Awesome! You will see the balance of each token. The token price and pool share bar will also appear down below.
4. Type down the amount of token you would like to provide liquidity on either row, and the amount of the second token will be calculated automatically. Refer to your pool share that you would acquire for the transaction.
5. Click “Supply”.
6. Confirmation pop-up will appear, displaying your deposit, token prices and your pool share. Click “Confirm Supply” once you are ready. Your wallet will ask you to confirm.
7. Congratulations! You have become a liquidity provider and received LP tokens!
Now that you have contributed to the liquidity pool, you will receive rewards as a share of the transaction fee every time someone trades from your pool. On top of that, to optimize the benefits of LP tokens ownership, you can use these tokens to participate in PandoFarms and still get pool rewards.
Join us on our journey towards financial independence for all.
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